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Why Do Investors Buy Gold and Silver?

It is no secret how well gold and silver have performed during the last decade, but it remains to be seen whether or not this trend will continue. Some pundits believe that the precious metals market is the next bubble, but the numbers don’t lie. Over the last 200 years the changes in the gold spot price have never been detrimental to gold’s buying power. Investors have clearly shown their preference for physical gold and silver, and knowing why is vital to success in the precious metals market.

1. Inflationary Pressures on the USD– More dollars have been printed in the last four years than during any other time in our nation’s history. It will take some time for the full effect of this newly-printed money to hit home, but the increase of currency in circulation has already affected commodity prices. For example, food prices are up almost 50 percent in the last five years and producers have been forced to cut consumers’ portions to disguise cost increases. Meanwhile, gold has been called “the ultimate inflation hedge”.

2 . Government Spending- Our national debt is at a tremendous $17 trillion and the balance is rising over $200 billion every single month thanks to failures by the Federal Reserve and other shady, shoddily-run, government organizations. The tab is growing larger each day and investors are concerned that foreign lines of credit could soon dry up. Some believe that our currency will crash completely and in such a national emergency gold and silver would be vital to procure goods and services for one’s family.

3. Incessantly Rising Demand- Demand for gold and silver has been rising on all fronts. Household investors, institutional traders, independent nations and central banks are all steadily increasing their gold and silver holdings. Some people buy gold and silver for profit; others, for safety. No one knows for sure what will happen to precious metal demand in the future, but if inflation and government spending continue to worry American citizens (and the rest of the world) then investors will likely keep buying gold and silver.

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