Food Prices on the Rise – Are Gold & Silver Next?

  Food and fuel prices are on the rise, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the Federal Reserve’s incessant claims of non-existent inflation it was reported yesterday that overall core inflation rose 1.7% in the last 12 … Read More

Scottrade to Expats: Take Your IRA with You

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Is Gold or Silver the Better IRA Investment?

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Profit-Taking Wreaks Havoc on Gold & Silver Prices

Heavy-handed profit-taking on behalf of the world’s institutional investors led to substantially lower gold and silver prices Wednesday, after two consecutive trading days in which both metals saw significant gains. As of 11am Texas time the gold spot price had … Read More

Gold & Silver Dealer Reviews

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Gold & Silver Prices: Does Anyone Have an Extra Crystal Ball Laying Around?

Gold and silver spot prices rose $8.90 and $0.23 Monday, respectively, after a variety of technical factors turned towards the metals’ favor. Additionally, U.S. stock indices fell in unison in response to some less-than-favorable economic and employment data released by … Read More

Gold & Silver Reverse Course Sharply

One day after making significant gains gold and silver have both fallen substantially in trading Tuesday. As of 11am CST the gold spot price had decreased $5.60, or 0.45%, to $1232.30 per ounce. Silver fared much worse by tallying a shocking 2.26% … Read More

2014 Gold & Silver Price Projections

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Why a Gold & Silver Christmas Might Be a Good Idea

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