April 5, 2009 – Gold Silver Investment

One of the big trends that’s hit lately is the idea of taking your old scrap gold, your ancient jewelry you never wear, a ring from a failed marriage, or even the gold plating from old electronics, and selling it to some jeweler to cash in. “Gold parties” they call them, and they are a nice way to make quick money on your gold, but maybe not the best way to go about it.

This is the kind of thing that always occurs during a recession. People are looking for new ways of making money (well, selling gold and silver is a fairly old way of making money, but you know what we mean).

Our advice to these gold partiers is not to simply hand that old gold and silver off to some random jeweler, but to go through a real, trustworthy gold firm. Furthermore, we advise trading it in not for cash, but for gold and silver bars or gold and silver coins.

A lot of people are hurting for cash today, and that makes it easy for some people to forget… we don’t just need money now, we need money tomorrow and the day after, as well. Don’t neglect your savings just because you need cash now.

When you buy gold and silver, you have something for the future, simple as that. Gold and silver investing is a tried and true way of taking what you have now and making sure it’s worth more in the future.

This idea is hitting home during a recession, but it’s true of any economic weather. When you invest in gold and silver, it’s not just about saving your skin during this recession, but protecting yourself against further recessions, protecting yourself against inflation, and keeping your savings in an asset that won’t tend to depreciate over time.

Of course, if you’re holding some gold and silver investments, you know this already.

The problem is, during the easier economic periods, people aren’t looking to simply stay afloat, they’re just looking to make more money than they have. This is why fewer people purchase gold and silver bullion during the ups, and more during the downs. It’s tricky to get rich quick on precious metals.

To be clear, metals are not a “hot” investment, but a “smart” investment. This is actually preferable. A smart, safe investment will only tend to continue to grow in value, and will only tend to collapse in extreme situations. The “hot” investment opportunities always tend to be more of a bubble which eventually bursts. You can see this very clearly in the housing market, which was booming in the nineties and quickly crashed when we hit the 21st Century.

A lot of people are looking at the leadership of the country, chalking the economy entirely up to the president’s decisions. “Well of course the last eight years were hard under George Bush, but now we have Obama, so things will change”. The fact is that the economy always has its ups and downs. Rather than simply looking for who’s to blame, we should all start wondering how we’re going to take care of ourselves regardless of the sitting president’s policies.

Sam Brown

April 5, 2009

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