August 9, 2009 – Gold And Silver Retirement Accounts

While there’s been quite a bit of talk of late regarding the booming demand for gold, it’s worth noting that silver has seen a similar rise in demand.

While gold is being made more accessible in recent years thanks to the tenth and half-ounce coins, even the smaller gold coins are out of the price range of many investors. As such, silver coins, with the metal averaging fourteen dollars an ounce as of the time of this writing, are much more accessible to the middle class investors and even those just making ends meet.

As such, both gold and silver retirement accounts are becoming more and more popular amongst those in the workforce hoping to secure a safe, solid nest egg for their golden years.

It’s not really surprising, when you think about it. Fewer and fewer companies are offering solid 401k plans for new employees. Not because these companies are greedy or ungrateful for the people who make their business possible, but simply because it’s becoming harder for the companies to offer these plans in the first place. Even many of the companies on the Fortune 500 list are experiencing difficulties in this recession. Just look at Starbucks. While they often make the Forbes list of the best companies to work for, they were forced to close hundreds of locations across the country over the last year or so.

With regards to why gold and silver retirement accounts are so popular… gold is, of course, gold. It always performs well during times like these, and it’s a solid option for retirement investing, but let’s look at why silver is becoming so popular these days.

First of all, the middle class is shrinking. Studies have shown that the amount of disposable income held by the average middle class family is somewhere in the area of half what it was just a decade ago, with food, housing and utility costs skyrocketing. Those in the lower middle class have been forced to move into smaller houses and to cut back. Many can no longer afford to invest in gold as they could have ten years ago. And so, silver makes an excellent alternative.

Besides this simple fact, there’s also the case that, while tenth ounce gold coins allow investors to move smaller amounts of money, thus making their metals investments more accessible and more convenient, silver is even more convenient to move around in smaller amounts. There isn’t a single gold coin that you can cash in for less than one hundred dollars, but silver coins are offered in much smaller values.

Of course, in any context, whether your primary retirement investments are in gold or silver, bars or coins, the important thing is to protect yourself against this recession and any we might be experiencing in the near to distant future. The fact is that, again, this won’t be the final recession we ever face. Between today and the day you retire, you can almost bet your last dollar on the fact that there will be another recession sooner or later. Gold and silver retirement accounts serve as a sort of insurance policy against such times: Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Victoria Lopez

August 9, 2009

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