August 16, 2009 – Buy Gold And Silver Coins

Many investors are looking forward to the end of the suspension of the American Gold Eagles, but we may as well take this opportunity to encourage coin investors to buy gold and silver coins both.

The main reason for this is convenience. When you only buy gold coins, you are stuck with only gold to invest in and out of. For example, if gold is on a serious incline, but you need to sell a few to get some money for home repairs or other costs, then all you can do is trade in a few coins before they peak, which is unfortunate. When you buy gold and silver coins both, you can look into both the gold and silver coin prices and sell whichever would be wiser to sell.

Likewise, when it seems that silver is climbing while gold seems to be levelling off, you can go ahead and buy some silver coins to capitalize on that opportunity.

Besides which, silver is of course the cheaper metal, so convenience is a serious advantage when you buy gold and silver coins as well. If you have a few bucks laying around and feel like putting it into your coin collection, you can’t buy a one ounce gold coin without a thousand dollars to spare, but you can buy and sell silver in much smaller increments, making it a more convenient metal to invest in. Meanwhile, you can use the gold coins as your backbone and use that to support your long term investments.

Of course, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter. As long as you are investing in metals, be it gold, silver or platinum, you’re protecting yourself against the current recession we’re facing down, as well as any economic crises we may face in the future, buy gold and silver coins, or just buy one or the other, either way, you’ll be fine.

While you can capitalize on ups and downs to make a serious profit off of your coins, the main purpose of coin investing is that you have a safety net in the event of any economic troubles. Whenever the dollar does poorly against other major global currencies, you can almost invariably bet on the metals to pick up the slack. As long as you do make sure that your finances are covered by metals, you can brave any storm.

Furthermore, when you buy gold and silver coins, you are free to explore other investment options as well, knowing that you’ll be fine even if things don’t always go as planned.

Really, that’s what gold and silver investing is about. Yes, it is possible to get rich on metal investing if you have sufficient start-up funds and are lucky enough to be able to strike while the iron is hot, however, the metal investing trade really is open and accessible to everyone, and the primary purpose of investing in metal coins is simply to protect yourself against economic crises like the one we currently find ourselves in.

Victoria Lopez

Aug 24, 2009

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