2014 Gold & Silver Price Projections

We are less than a month away from the ball dropping on 2014 and it is once again time to round up all of the world’s gold and silver price projections. As always, there is a healthy smattering of bullish, bearish and flat predictions, which just goes to show how volatile and unpredictable gold and silver prices can be, especially in the current economic environment.

Some of the responders believe that the U.S. economy is showing signs of permanently emerging from recession, and their perception is that gold will lose value due to lower levels of safe-haven buying and a stronger dollar. Their bullish-on-gold counterparts say that our economy’s signs of life are nothing more than death rattles brought on by an overextended government’s policy of quantitative easing and 0% interest rates.

Some analysts believe silver will outpace gold in 2014, while others believe gold will come back strong from its current 26% year-over-year decrease as inflation becomes evident and our economy becomes stagnant. Without further ado, here are the 2014 gold and silver price predictions from some of the world’s top gold experts.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley says that gold will go to $1,313 per ounce in 2014. This is a decrease from the company’s earlier estimate of $1,420 per ounce.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently slashed its 2014 gold price prediction some 17% to $1,294 per ounce. Bank of America’s silver price prediction for 2014 is $26.38, a slight decrease from the bank’s earlier estimates.

BNP Paribas reduced its June estimate by an additional 5% and now says that gold could reach $1,095 next year.

HSBC Bank has announced a gold price outlook of $1,600 per ounce.

Analysts at T.D. Securities say that the gold spot price could fall to $1,150 in 2014.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) came to a consensus gold price projection of $1,405 for next year, and the organization arrived at a consensus silver spot price prediction of $25 flat.

A BMO Research estimate on gold was unavailable at the time of this writing but BMO Research believes that silver could go to $21 in 2014.

The Market Oracle (U.K.) believes that silver could go to $41 per ounce in 2014, but that bullish prediction was outdone by that of the Deviant Investor author, who is calling for silver prices to reach $50 to $60 next year.

As for, we believe that gold could climb to the $1475-$1495 range next year, provided that the Fed raises interest rates and American consumers start to notice inflation eating away at their spending power. In such a circumstance silver could climb too, and our current forecast for silver is a spot price of $24.50 by the end of next year.

If you have gold and silver price predictions that you’d like to make, visit our Facebook or Twitter pages to leave your guess and you could win a free gold or silver American Eagle one-ounce coin.

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